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Family Matters | Married Life | Pastor Jason Swann

Happy Sunday, Cornerstone!

Our desire is to see a move of God - in AND outside of our building! It’s going to be a powerful morning together and we’re thankful to ...
have you with us wherever you’re watching!

Our live worship experience will begin 11am. We pray your heart and mind us open to receive from God today!

As Pastor Jason mentioned check out the message from last year titled Raising Adults!

0:00 Intro
4:05 Graduation Celebration
20:21 Take You at Your Word - Cody Carnes | Aodhan King | Benjamin Hastings
25:04 Firm Foundation (He Won’t) - Cody Carnes | Austin Davis | Chandler Moore
32:07 Spontaneous Worship
33:36 Never Walk Alone - Ben Fielding | Hannah Hobbs | Jen Johnson
39:44 Same God - Brandon Lake | Chris Brown | Pat Barrett | Steven Furtick
47:38 Pastor Jason Swann | Message | Family Matters - Married Life
1:31:22 Closing Prayer
1:32:26 - Announcements - Pastor Casey Harmon
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