ckEach weekend children, age birth through twelve years, engage in age appropriate and life-changing activities designed for them to experience God’s love and truth. We are dedicated to partnering with parents to plant God’s Word in the fertile soil of these young hearts, water it, and watch them grow and bloom into the people He designed them to be.

While our curriculum aligns closely with the messages in the main adult, it is tailored to a level each age group can understand and relate to. This helps parents connect with their children about the lessons and create exciting, God-centered conversations at home.

What we want kid’s to know:

• God loves you unconditionally and you can always trust Him!!
• Jesus is my Savior and He forgives ALL my sins

• I am who God says I am.
• God helps me to make good decisions

1. Expect kids to have fun!!

We believe that church should be fun! We want kids to walk away saying, “I wish every day was Sunday, then I could just come to church every day.” We value making our lessons fun and interactive while giving time for our kids to just be kids, playing and spending time with their friends.

2. Expect your child to be safe!!

We want parents to be able to trust that we are doing everything we can to ensure that their child is safe while they are with us. A important part of our security protocol is the use of our check-in system and name tags. This is to give parents comfort in trusting us with their children. We want to keep them just as safe as you do!

3. Expect us to be relevant!!

We create lessons and activities that the kids can relate to, meeting their developmental and maturity needs. It is important to ask them questions, but also allowing them to ask questions too.

4. Expect us to keep you connected!!

We want to keep parents aware of what we are doing in Cornerstone Kids each week. One way we do this is through our “Cornerstone Kids & Parents Connect” Facebook page. Each week you can find out a little about what we talked about, our current memory verse, and some of the songs we’re singing in worship.